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Director Kakudou has resigned from the new Digimon Project

It has been reported by several news sources that Director Kakudou has resigned from the new Digimon Project.

He announced it over on twitter due to disagreement over the plot. He was the series director of Adventure, 02, and for X-Evolution movie the Director.

So does this mean that the new show is based on Adventure/Tri  now?

Hopefully we get more news about this new project soon.

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Digimon Tri. appears in NewType and Animedia June issue

This is pretty old news and I know it is but this is more of the heads up to Digimon fans in the UK.

But first we get a nice artwork in NewType Magazine of Taichi (Tai) and Agumon sitting in the Digital world!

Next up we get a Taichi, Yamato & Omegamon Merciful Mode! That features in the latest edition of Animedia!


The point of this post was to let the UK fans know if you live in the UK you can buy these magazines from or if you live in London you can buy them from their store like I did. I am not sure if they are cheaper then buying direct from Japan but I just thought toy let you know anyway!


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Digimon Adventure tri. PT. 5 Coexistence appears on Amazon UK and Pre-Order is open!

So today Digimon Adventure tri. PT. 5 Coexistence has appeared on Amazon UK!

The Blu-Ray and DVD is scheduled to be released on July 30th even though it is not scheduled to be officially released in the USA until August 7, 2018. I would assume July 30th is just a placement holder atm.

Currently Amazon UK is the only retailer in the UK that currently has it listed. I will keep the post updated once we get the official artwork and more solided information from Mana Entertainment themselves.

As normal if you buy the collection Blu-Ray it comes with a set of art cards and a mini poster.

At the moment Amazon UK has the Blu-Ray listed for £24.99 and the DVD £19.99. As normal the price will more likely go down nearer to the release date!

If you want to pre-order from today the links are below:

Amazon UK



Thanks to Haydn Davies for the heads up about the Amazon UK listing!

If you’re from the USA and reading this you can pre-order the US release on today. Credit goes to for that information.



The Blu-Ray is $24.97 and the DVD is $14.98

In other news keep checking back in the coming couple of days for an interview with Tara Sands!

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Digimon Adventure tri.: Coexistence Blu-ray and DVD up for pre-order on Shout Factory!

So the one night only event of the limited screening of Digimon Adventure tri.: Coexistence across the USA has happened a couple of days ago.  Since then Shout Factory! has listed it for home media release on DVD and Blu-Ray on their online store!

It is scheduled to be released on the 7th August two weeks before other retailers if you buy it direct from Shout Factory! You also get a free rolled lithograph while stocks last.


Official Trailer


As normal Shout Factory! has posted several clips of the latest movie to their YouTube channel.

You can see more clips of Coexistence on their YouTube channel by clicking here.

As normal the DVD and Blu-Ray comes with the English Dub of the movie along with the Japanese Dub with English Subtitles.

You can pre-order it from here.

The Blu-Ray is $14.97 and the DVD is listed for $11.98

There is currently no word from Manga Entertainment just yet about the UK release. Just like normal it might be a little wait while we wait for the other US sites like Amazon to list it before the UK does.



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Animedia of Taichi, Yamato & Omegamon Merciful Mode! feature in the latest Animedia issue!

Taichi, Yamato & Omegamon Merciful Mode! Features in the latest issue of Animedia

Hopefully a better scan will appear online soon. I am not 100% sure  who is the original poster for this as it just came up on my timeline.

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