Digimon Adventure tri. PT. 5 Coexistence appears on Amazon UK and Pre-Order is open!

So today Digimon Adventure tri. PT. 5 Coexistence has appeared on Amazon UK!

The Blu-Ray and DVD is scheduled to be released on July 30th even though it is not scheduled to be officially released in the USA until August 7, 2018. I would assume July 30th is just a placement holder atm.

Currently Amazon UK is the only retailer in the UK that currently has it listed. I will keep the post updated once we get the official artwork and more solided information from Mana Entertainment themselves.

As normal if you buy the collection Blu-Ray it comes with a set of art cards and a mini poster.

At the moment Amazon UK has the Blu-Ray listed for £24.99 and the DVD £19.99. As normal the price will more likely go down nearer to the release date!

If you want to pre-order from today the links are below:

Amazon UK



Thanks to Haydn Davies for the heads up about the Amazon UK listing!

If you’re from the USA and reading this you can pre-order the US release on Amazon.com today. Credit goes to WithTheWill.net for that information.



The Blu-Ray is $24.97 and the DVD is $14.98

In other news keep checking back in the coming couple of days for an interview with Tara Sands!

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