Artwork revealed for Digimon Adventure Tri – The Movie Part 5: Symbiosis UK Blu-Ray and DVD!

The artwork for Digimon Adventure Tri PT.5 has now been revealed over on website.

As you can clearly see on the artwork they’re calling the movie Symbiosis for the UK release compared to the US which is being called Coexistence. Whether or not this will change before the release is anyone’s guess as it is still saying that the UK release is a week or so before the US official release so at the moment this could all change.

It is currently due to be released on 30th July 2018 in the UK.

Blu-Ray artwork:

DVD artwork:

Most sites have now listed it up for pre-order such as Amazon, HMV, Base, etc.

Amazon UK


All sites are currently showing higher prices than normal but this seems to be normal at first and usually nearer to the release date the prices will go down.

Thanks for Haydn Davies for the heads up!

I will keep this post updated once we get more info on the release!

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