Digimon Adventure Calendar Coming Soon! Now also listed on calendarclub.ca

A Digimon Adventure Calendar is due to be released on 09-21-2018 from calendars.com If you live in the UK or any of country in the EU they can not be shipped to these countries. I did speak to their sister company in the UK and they are not going to be stocking calendar which honestly is a let down. You will have to use a shopping proxy to get it if you really want it that badly if you live in the EU.

The calendar is 12.0″ x  24.0″ once it is opended. It features some new art of the Digimon and The Digidestined which is nice to see.

This is such a suprise to see overall. I do hope this means that we will get more Digimon Adventure merch coming to the west.

The example at the top of Matt and Gabumon is what the calendar is going to look like onced open.

It costs $14.99 + Shipping and you can pre-order it from Calendar.com

It looks like that the Digimon 2019 Wall Calendar will be stocked at CalendarClub.ca As far as I know if you live in the UK or other parts of europe you should hopefully be able to buy it without a shipping proxy once pre-orders have opended. Still it would be nice if calendarclub.co.uk would stock it.

If I do come across eleswhere that will ship it to the EU I will keepe this post updated.

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