Digimon Advnture Halloween Pop up Shop products revealed!

The pop up shop will open from October 12 (Fri)-October 31 (Wed) The locations will be at:
Location: Ikebukuro and Namba Marui. More info can be found here.

So they have now revealed what products will be up for grabs at this new Digimon Adventure Pop up Shop!

First up if you spend over 2000 yen (Tax not included) you will get a postcard of one of the characterds from the art at random!

Up first is some acrylic stands featuring the 8 kids from Adventure 01 in this new art. They will cost ¥ 2,100 each (excluding tax)

Acrylic keyrings which are 900 yen each to buy excluding tax!

An A4 clear file of the new artwork for the pop up shop costing 400 yen excluding tax!

Digimon can badges featuring 01 Adventure art as well as Tri art which is nice to see 🙂 There will be 17 to collect which are blindpacked and will cost 400 yen excluding tax to buy!

Furoshiki cloth ¥ 1,700 (excluding tax) featuring all the digimon!

Socks ¥ 1,300 (excluding tax) which will be 2 of a kind which are Agumon · Teilmon set  and Gabmon · Patamon set

Mini Pouch  which will cost ¥ 1,800 (excluding tax) featuring the latest art!

Face towel ¥ 3,500 (excluding tax) featuring the tram cart!

Cushions which will cost ¥ 2,500 (excluding tax) featurung All four species
Koromonm, Tsunomon, Tokomon & Salamon

A drawstring bag featuring the new art for the pop up shop. The price will be ¥ 850 (excluding tax)

Letter set ¥ 1,200 (excluding tax)

Not pad ¥ 950 (tax excluded)

Masking tapes featuring Adventure 01 Halloween art and the art from the Tri. pop up store. They will cost ¥ 600 each (excluding tax)

Change Mug ¥ 1,800 each (excluding tax). There are two different types. One featuring Tai and Matt with Agumon and Gabumon and the 2nd one is featuring TK and Kari along with Gatomon and Patamon!

Stainless steel bottle  featuring Tau and Matt ¥ 2,500 (excluding tax)

Some more keyrings featuring the Tri. kids dressed up as their partner Digimon. They will cost 900 yen each excluding tax. There are 9 to collect!

Some keychains featuring the kids along with their Digimon parnters and their crests! Eaching costing 800yen excluding tax! There are 8 to collect!

Some straps featuring the Digimon in the digidesnt shoes. Each cost  980 yen each exluding tax.


The last item that is up for grabs is the crest key chains! Each will cost ¥ 980 (excluding tax)

If you are intrested in any of these items you will have to find either someone who is willling to get you what you want or some sort of shopping proxy which will charge you a fee. I would recommend FromJapan as I have used them serveal times in the past.








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