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Digimon Frontier Blu-ray Cover Art!

So here is the actual cover artwork that will be used for the upcoming blu-ray release in Japan!

The blu-ray is due to be released in Japan and is currently listed for
¥ 43,758 yen on Amazon JP and is due to be released on
April 2, 2019. It will contain 8 discs and the Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 according to Amazon JP.

If you love Digimon Frontier go and support Toei-Anime if you can and get the blu-ray release. Whether or not we will get it is not known right now due to money.

You can pre-order it from Amazon JP or CDJapan. There will be other places that will you be able to purchase the release from. I would recommend shopping around for the best price!

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A new Digimon Encounters- Trailer!

So we have a new Digimon Encounters- Trailer!

Honestly I have to say this actually looks really good. Hopefully more news will be released soon!

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[Pre-Order] Digimon Season 1 Keyrings Coming Soon to the US!

So these were announced a couple of days ago by MonogramDirect over on twitter that these Digimon KeyRings will be coming out in the US very shortly! These are blind packs so it isn’t guaranteed that you will get the one that you want. These keyrings are being advertised as 3D so it be great if there is some sort of sneak peak before release but who knows.

They are now available to pre-order via toywiz for $109.99 which will allow international customers to purchase a box. Just remember that you may be charged tax when importing these!



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Happy New Year!

So a Happy New Year from TheDigiArchive Team! Hopefully 2019 will just be as big for Digimon as the previous years! We have a lot of stuff to look forward to Such as the Digimon Survival game and of course the new Digimon Adventure: The Movie to celebrate Digimon Adventure 20th anniversary! The image at the top is from Kenji Watanabe and can be found here on twitter.

So in 2019 I am hoping that I will do more with this site such as archiving etc and possibly a more powerful server down the line.

As of now a Happy New Year!

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