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Digimon Adventure 20th Stationery Announced!

So it appears that Sunstar Stationery has announced  that they will be creating a line of Digimon Adventure 20th Anniversary products which is excited . Below are Taichi and Agumon and Yamato and Gabumon. 

They have shown off over on twitter Taichi and Agumon and Yamato and Gabumon art work. As far as I know the other chosen children will be shown off at a later date along with the products that are going to be up for grabs!

Honestly I feel that the art looks really nice and I can’t wait to see what the other kids and their Dgimon will look like.

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Digimon Adventure 20th Memorial Image!!!

So the Digimon Adventure 20th twitter account has posted the the Digimon Adventure 20th Memorial Image today!

The image was talked about in the latest issue of V-Jump

So the celebrations for the 20th Anniversary of Digimon Adventure has now begun and hopefully we will keep on getting news about upcoming Digimon events and products such as the upcoming Digimon Survive game and of course the new Digimon Adventure Movie!

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Digimon Adventure 20th Products at Village Vanguard

So it appears that the official Digimon 20th anniversary twitter account has been announcing a ton of events today! This time Digimon Adventure 20th Products at Village Vanguard.

First up we get some key art for the event featuring all the adventure 01 kids and their rookie Digimon.

The event will start on March 6th and will end on April 20th.

There will be a number of exclusive products up for grabs at this event.

First up is some blind package of Acrylic stand featuring the chosen children with their rookie Digimon. Each will cost 700 yen excluding tax.

Next up we have some blind packages of Trading can badge featuring all 8 Digimon costing 450 yen (tax excluded)

Up next we have some Acrylic key holder featuring the chosen children. They cost 700 yen (tax excluded) and will be blind packaged.

Hopefully more products maybe announced at the event closer to the time but as for now that’s all that is currently up for grabs. If you are wanting any of these products I would contact a shopping proxy such as FromJapan or wait until the products appear online websites such as Yahoo Auctions JP which usually has all the latest Digimon merch.

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Digimon Adventure 20th Products at GraffArt

So it has been announced on the official Digimon 20th twitter account that Digimon products will be available to buy from GraffArt event.

There will be a range of different products on sale for the Digimon Adventure 20th anniversary.

The event will start of the 20th of March which is just a month away but there is currently not end date. They do have a website but Digimon is currently listed just yet.

There are a range of different items such as clearfile of the key art, badges, phone cases and much more!

The products are exclusively for this event so if you are wanting something you are best to contact a proxy service like FromJapan or wait until the products appear on places Yahoo Auctions JP.

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Small Toei-Anime US website update!

So it has appeared that the Toei-Anime website has updated showing off the Digimon Adventure 20th Anniversary logo! 

The Adventure 20th Anniversary logo appears on the main webpage on the slider along with DragonBall Z 30 Anniversary logo and also the 20th Anniversary logo for One Piece. This could be a busy year for Toei-Anime!

Hopefully we will get some more information soon about the Digimon Adventure 20th Anniversary in Japan as well as here in the West! Hopefully we might get a Blu-Ray release of Adventure 01 to mark the 20th Anniversary who knows!

Credit for the heads up goes to the users on Twitter and other social media platforms!

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