Upcoming Digimon Frontier Blu-Ray inner design update!

So the official frontier BD twitter account has posted a preview of what the upcoming Digimon Frontier inner art is going to look like for the blu-ray release!

It features the Digidestined and a trailmon in the background.

If you pre-order the Amazon.co.jp version you get Drawing Illustration Mini Colored Paper + Acrylic Key Holder.

The price for the Amazon.co.jp version is currently listed for ¥ 58,104 and for the normal version it will cost ¥ 43,538.

You can pre-order from Amazon.co.jp today and is due to be released on
April 2, 2019.

I hope to do a breakdown of this at the end of the year if we can but as of know we don’t have it on order just yet.

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