Digimon Adventure 20th Stationery Announced!

So it appears that Sunstar Stationery has announced  that they will be creating a line of Digimon Adventure 20th Anniversary products which is excited . Below are Taichi and Agumon and Yamato and Gabumon. 

They have shown off over on twitter Taichi and Agumon and Yamato and Gabumon art work. As far as I know the other chosen children will be shown off at a later date along with the products that are going to be up for grabs!

Honestly I feel that the art looks really nice and I can’t wait to see what the other kids and their Dgimon will look like.

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2 thoughts on “Digimon Adventure 20th Stationery Announced!

  1. TK and Kari have now been added to the main post. Hopefully they will announce the products that this art will be used on soon!

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