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Digimon at Anime Japan 2019

So Digimon was at Anime Japan 2019 this weekend. There was a display showing all the Digimon animes to mark the 20th! The official Digimon 20th twitter has been posting of pictures from the event!

It seemed to be a fan event which I would love to go to one day. All images can be found on the official Digimon Adventure 20th twitter account here.

Hopefully we will get some more Digimon events being announced soon!

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Digimon Adventure 20th GraffArt update!

So the event is starting tomorrow March 20th 2019. Products will be available to buy from their online store starting April 4th but they do not ship outside of Japan.

We have a small update with regarding if you spend at least 2000 yen you can get the following postcard.

More info can be found here over on their twitter account.

We did make a post about this event a little while ago which can be found here.

If you want anything from this event can not go you can buy from their online store from 4th April (Japan Only) but I would recommend using FromJapan for the people who are living outside of Japan.

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Digimon Adventure has now turned 20!

So today Digimon Adventure has now turned 20!

It first aired in Japan on 7th March 1999 on Fuji TV out in Japan!

Digimon Adventure is about:

On August 1, 1999, seven children are transported into the Digital World by Digivices that appeared before them at summer camp, where they befriend several Digimon (Digital Monsters). The children’s Digivices allow their partner Digimon to Digivolve into stronger forms and combat enemies. As the children explore to find a way home, they learn that they are “DigiDestined”, chosen children selected to save the Digital World.

So how are you going to celebrate the anniversary  of one of the best anime series from the 1990s?

Let’s hope for another long and strong 20 years!


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So a Adventure 20th Teaser Trailer announced!

So Toei-Anime had now dropped a Teaser Trailer for Digimon Adventure 20th movie!

There isn’t much in the trailer as it just a voice over and clips from the Adventure 01 series along with the new Tai and Agumon poster!

As far as I know the voices from Digimon Adventure Tri. will also be coming back to voice their characters again!

It also appears that the Digimon-Adventure website has updated!

Hopefully more info will come soon!

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Digimon Adventure 20th Film Poster

So it has been appearing that this is a poster for the upcoming Digimon Adventure 20th movie

It now appears that it will air in Spring 2020 and not in 2019 if this poster turns out to be real.

The logo for the new movie uses the same sort of style for the original 01 series which honestly looks great!

The poster hasn’t been released on the official just yet so hopefully we will get some solided information if it is real.

So it turns out that this poster is official as it has now been tweeted by the official Digimon twitter account.

Credit for the poster goes to

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