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Digimon Series Acryl de Card Vol.5 Box (For Sale)

I am buying a box of these and I am selling them singly for people who are looking for certain ones for their collection. The ones with the red cross have been claimed. They’re £8 each plus shipping but buying 2 I will do for £14.50 plus shipping.

Leave a comment down below or just send me an email by clicking here. Remember to day what one you’re wanting and which country to you live in. Money will not be collected until I have received the cards.

I am considering buy the other boxes in due time so I will also put them up for sale like this as well.

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Digimon Adventure Acryl de Card Vol.5 Box

So another set of Digimon Adventure Acryl de Card Vol.5 Box will be released in July 2019 and the price that CDJapan has at the moment is 15000yen (16200yen Tax incl. in Japan). You can also buy them from the Toei-Anime online store as well but you need a VPN to access the site as well as using a shopping proxy such as FromJapan to actually buy a box. CDJapan is the only site at the moment that you can buy from without having to use a shopping proxy. Hopefully Amazon JP will have them listed soon which will also be another option.



Toei-Anime Online Store 

Amazon JP


I am planning on buying a box myself and if anyone is interested in splitting a box let me know. I will make another post about that soon.

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Digimon is officially 22!

Digimon has now turned 22 this week and over the years seeing how much the franchise is loved and how it has changed which has helped it to grow since the 1990s. It all started with V-Pets which was the first thing that created Digimon the brand and since then it has evolved into the franchise that we all know and love today but staying unique in it’s own way. Lets hope for another strong 22 years!

Digimon has something for everyone. It has one of the best anime shows, It has recently celebrated the 15th anniversary for Adventure with six brand new movies called Digimon Adventure Tri along with a new movie in spring 2020 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Adventure 01 anime which we are looking forward to. The franchise is also releasing another Digimon game called Digimon Survive which will be released on all platforms.

So really seeing how strong the last few years have been for the franchise I think the future is going to be strong and that there will more things coming in the years to come!

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A new Digimon Adventure 20th GraffArt Collaboration in July with New Art & Products!

So it appears that there will be another  Digimon Adventure 20th GraffArt Collaboration this July!

So the new artwork is pretty much the same as the last event but just in a different style which looks stunning.

This event starts on the 5th July and will end on 21st July 2019.

The good news is that if you can not get to one of these stores then you are in luck as they will be selling these products online on their online store here on the same day!


The Products:

So first up is another set of badges which are blind folded as normal which are 480 yen to buy each n or you can by a set for 3,840 which isn’t a bad price if it means that you get the complete set.

So next we have we have some iPhone cases for the Iphone 6/6s/7/8 which feature the kids with their Digimon partners which cost 1,980 yen each to buy.

So up next we have the Digidestined and their partner tape dispensers which costs 648 yen each to buy.

So up next you can buy the Digidestined and their partner Acrylic stands which are always a nice thing to have as well as how popular they are. The Acrylic stands will cost 1,600 yen to buy each.

There is also another clear file of the new art costing 400 yen to buy featuring the new art which is always a nice thing to have in your collection!

The final products that are on sale a pouch which has the crests on one side and Taichi/Tai and Agumon on the other side.  It will cost 1,280 to buy.

A device battery charger which will cost 4,980 yen to buy which features the new artwork on.

Finally some cushions! Each cushion features the Digimon Adventure logo on one side and the other side features 2 characters along with their partner Digimon on. They will cost 3,500 to buy!

So if you spend 2,160 yen or more you will be able to get a free postcard featuring the new artwork on.

So if you can’t get to this event at want to buy some of the merchandise that is on offer you can buy it from their online and contact your shopping proxy to see if they can get you want you want. I’ve personally use and I have never had a problem with them before but there are others out there!

I will keep this post up to date when more new appears online!




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DigiFes 2019 update

It just been announced  over on the offical twitter account for the Digimon Adventure 20th  that more guests have now been announced for the upcoming Digifes which are a couple of voice actors from 02 which will be joining the DigiFes 2019.

Junko Noda who voices V-Mon will be attending this event along with the Naozumi Takahashi who voices Wormmon.

It has also been teased that there will be some sort of video at this event which I gather will be a trailer for the upcoming movie but hopefully more info will come in the weeks leading up to the event.

I will do my best to keep up to date now with the latest Digimon news now that I have a bit of free time on my hands.

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