Digimon Adventure Acryl de Card Vol.5 Box

So another set of Digimon Adventure Acryl de Card Vol.5 Box will be released in July 2019 and the price that CDJapan has at the moment is 15000yen (16200yen Tax incl. in Japan). You can also buy them from the Toei-Anime online store as well but you need a VPN to access the site as well as using a shopping proxy such as FromJapan to actually buy a box. CDJapan is the only site at the moment that you can buy from without having to use a shopping proxy. Hopefully Amazon JP will have them listed soon which will also be another option.



Toei-Anime Online Store 

Amazon JP


I am planning on buying a box myself and if anyone is interested in splitting a box let me know. I will make another post about that soon.

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