Final styles for Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Movie

So we now have the final styles for Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Movie for the the chosen children and their partner

Up first we have Tai/Taichi and Agumon!


CV. Hanae Natsuki

Fourth grader in the Department of Political Economy. I decided to live on my own when I entered university and was living alone. I’m working hard on my studies and part-time work, but I have not decided what to do in the future.
If there are people who are troubled with Digimon, they are actively working to help.


CV. Chika Sakamoto

Taichi’s partner Digimon. A reptile-type Digimon of bipedalism. It is usually an expansive character, but in times of emergency it will confront the enemy without regard for danger. Its Special Move is a baby flame that expels fire from its mouth.
Growth period / vaccine species / reptile type


CV. Yasumasa Hosoya

Fourth grader in the Faculty of Science and Technology. Band activities have stopped, music enjoys within the framework of the hobby, and now bikes are fun. I have decided to go to graduate school for the time and study to find myself clearly.


CV. Yamaguchi Ayumi

Yamato’s partner Digimon. It wears Garurumon’s fur, but it is a reptile-type Digimon like Agmon. Its Special Move is a petit fire attacking with a small ball of fire.
Growth period / data type / reptile type

Takenouchi sky:

CV. Mimori Suzuko

Women’s college fourth grader. Instead of finding a job, she has decided to follow the same path as the mother of the flower family. There is no change in social character, teaching to foreigners, and the friendship is wide, but it is important to spend ordinary everyday life, and I have not met many people.


CV. Shigematsu Hanatori

Tachikawa Mimi:

CV. Hitomi Yoshida

Perform online sales of items that you think are “cute”. A business girl who already flies around the world, not just in Japan. I have been busy busy developing original products, so I can not see them very much, but I’m sorry to hear from you.


CV. Yamada mushroom

Mimi’s partner Digimon. A plant-shaped Digimon with tropical flowers on its head. Its Special Move is poison ivy attacking with poison ivy.
Growth period / data type, plant type

Kokoro Izumi:

CV. Tamura Satoshi

Even though he is a university student, he manages his own company, and with his money, he plays a hub role between the digital world and the human world, helping people in trouble with Digimon. It is leading the community activities of “selected children” spread all over the world.


CV. Takahiro Sakurai

Mitsuhiro’s partner Digimon. Insect type Digimon with a solid shell and 6 limbs. Its special move is a petite sander that emits static electricity from the touch. Why speak in Kansai dialect.
Growth period / vaccine species / insect type

Joe Kido:

CV. Ikeda Junya

Fifth grade medical school. He has little experience in medical practice, but he is not always meeting with everyone, and is studying hard every day because of his extraordinary enthusiasm to become a doctor.


CV. Junko Takeuchi

The height of partner Digimon. A sea beast type Digimon who is good at swimming covered in warm fur. When I get angry, I hang up the red hair that has grown from my head to my back. Its Special Move is Marching Fishies, who freely manipulates the fish of the child.
Growth period / vaccine species / sea type


Takaishi Takeru:


First grader attending a literary department. Although the future is vague, I started learning English and French at school and enrolled in a group of children’s literature. He also participates in activities for Digimon.


CV M. Matsumoto

Takeru’s partner Digimon. Mammal type Digimon characterized by large ears. Its Special Move is an air shot that exhales inhaled air all at once.
Growth period / vaccine type / mammalian type

Yagami Hikari:

CV. M · A · O

A female college student majoring in early childhood education. As Taichi began to live alone, the distance between his brother and sister was increased, but he occasionally meets in the activities for Digimon.


CV. Tokumitsu Yuka

Hikari’s partner Digimon. A holy beast type Digimon that looks like a little cat. Its Special Move is a cat punch attacking with a pointed long nail.
Mature stage / vaccine species / holy beast type

Hopefully that we will get some bigger Resolution very soon! I will update and post more when I’ve get some free time today.

Hopefully we get a poster soon as DigiFes is just in a couple of weeks time!

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  1. Added some description about the chosen children and their partner Digimon. I will clean them up when I get home.

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