Digimon Adventure 20th event at Yokohama Landmark Tower Photos + Products

So the Digimon Adventure 20th event at Yokohama Landmark Tower is still currently on until 1st September and my friend sent me some photos of the event taking place right now!

The event does have a small limited based store which is selling a range of different products some are new and some we have seen at previous limited based stores.

So onto the products!

So first up we have a clear file of the key art that is being used at this event. The art isn’t something new as we have seen it last year. The clear file is up for grabs for 400 yen excluding tax.

Up next we have a set of 49 different badges that are blind picked but are also currently out of stock. (Hopefully, more will be stocked soon!) Each badge costs 400 yen excluding tax.

The other products below have all been seen before at other events:

Letter set  1,200 yen excluding tax

Sagara embroidered flat pouch (20th)  3,000 yen excluding tax

Compact case 1,600 yen

Cold storage pouch + lunch tote set  1,800 yen excluding tax

A set of plushies that are 650 yen to buy excluding tax. There are eight to collect!

Notepad featuring the final limited based store key art for Digimon Adventure Tri. PT.6  costing 550 yen(excluding tax)

Angelon cane earring  2,500 yen excluding tax

Otedama cover each  800 yen excluding tax

Bean dishes for each  1,400 yen excluding tax

Holy bangle 13,000 yen Excluding tax

A 2-way tote bag. 3,000 yen.

So that’s all the products that are currently on sale at this event! Hopefully, the badges do get restocked as the event is on until September!

If you’re interested in looking in getting any of these products I would recommend contacting FromJapan seeing if they can help you with your request or not. Otherwise, look on Yahoo Auctions JP for listings.

Thanks again for my friend sharing these photos with me!


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