DigiFes 2019 Products!

So DigiFes is this weekend coming and here is a list of products that up for grabs!

So up first we have the Digifest 2019 20th Anniversary Memorial Brochure.

The Digifest 2019 20th Anniversary Memorial Brochure will cost 2000 yen. It will contain 32 pages and is A4 size. The book will contain messages from each Digimon season from the staff.

Up next we have Canvas colour bottom tote with keychain

The tote and Keychain will cost 1800 yen.

The Fest T will cost 3,200 yen and the sizes that will be available are Small, Medium and Large.

A DigiFes 2019 Muffler towel which is listed to cost 1,800 yen.

A DigiFes Penlight (plate light) which is  2,200 to buy and with all eight colours!

Two types of Cactus featuring Palmon and Togemon and they are 2,900 each.

Digi Digic Cushion Patamon and Tailmon are both up for grabs for 1,600 yen each.

Up next we have some more charms! There are ten different ones to collect and are 1,600 yen to buy each!

Can badges which are a people favourite and they are 400 yen each and there will be 4 new drawings which will be a mystery!

A luggage tag featuring the Digimon Adventure 20th Logo and DigiFes 2019 on it! The luggage tag 1,500 yen to buy.


These look cute! Digimon Stitch cheese mascot (all eight types) stuffed animals and they are 970 yen each!

Digimon Stitch cheese mini towel 800 yen to buy!


Digimon Stitches Acrylic Charms all 16 types to get! 600 yen each to buy!


Digimon cans badge All 16 types and they are 370 yen to buy.

A cute looking Agumon mug/cup which will cost 1,800 yen to buy!

Digimon pouch featuring the crests and the rookie Digimon! 2,100 yen to buy!

Up next is an A4clear file which will cost 350 yen.

Another A4 clear file which is 350 yen to buy!

Digimon Stitch cheese masking tape  600 (tax included)

B2 Tapestry Digimon × Hatsune Miku collaboration which will cost you  2,100 yen.

Acrylic stand Digimon × Hatsune Miku collaboration costing 1,600 yen to buy.

CD type memo dejimon x Hatsune Miku collaboration which is 980 yen to buy.

Eight different egg pattern T-Shirts to buy. They are 3000 yen each to buy!

These hoddies of Agumon and Gabumon were shown off earlier this year and they will cost 10,000 yen each to buy. I think these will be a popular item to have.

Digimon Card Premium Edition Carddass ver. which will cost 1,200 yen to buy

Digimon Card Premium Edition Card Game ver. will cost 1,200 yen to buy!

Digimon Card Premium Edition Carddass ver. & Card Game ver. 2 simultaneous purchase set 2,400 yen. I can see these being pretty popular among fans.

Digimon Adventure Digimon Adventure 0801 T-shirt 2019 2,700 to buy.

All the Digimon Adventure acrylic de card volumes will be there including the latest set which is Vol 5. They are on sale for 640 yen each or you can buy a complete box online.

Last but not least the CD!

Taichi and the sky. The CD will cost 2,500 yen to buy and you will also be able to buy the CD online as well.

According to feelmee.jp the tracklist for the CD as follows:


02. Continue forever (Towa)!

03. Tomorrow is more-Takenouchi sky theme-

04. With Courage as a Wing ~ Theme of Yagami Taichi ~

05. If two sho (habata)

06. Sky-blue wind

07. The new sun

08. Shiny days

09. Team

10. I wish

The translation may not be that great.

If you are looking to get any of these products you will need to contact a shopping proxy like FromJapan to see if they are willing to get you anything. You may also be able to find some of these products on Yahoo Auctions JP and other places after the event has ended.

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