Digimon Adventure 20th Anniversary Official Tour

There is going to be a Digimon Adventure 20th Anniversary Official Tour for November it just been announced.

It is to mark the 20th Anniversary of Digimon Adventure which will include special guests at the event.

Chika Sakamoto                               Agumon

Mayumi Yamaguchi                      Gabumon

There will be the original Digimon producer Seki Hiromi who will be there along with the Digimon designer Kenji Watanabe.

Volcano Ota (Stage MC)

Tour points

  • ★ The first ever Digimon Official tour held!
  • ★ BBQ with the fans at “Sagami Lake Resort Pleasure Forest”!
  • ★ Let’s clear the mission to be tested by “Nagi” surrounded by Mother Nature!
  • ★ Enjoy limited tour content on the bus!
  • ★ You can also meet Agmon Gabmon!
  • ★ Watch the tour participants’ limited talk events by the performers!
  • ★ Kenji Watanabe-Illustrated T-shirt / Can Badge with Tour Limited Goods Included!

So more info about the tour can be found here. Overall this a tour that if you’re a big Digimon fan you will enjoy it a lot. Applications start August 5th at 17:00 and which is a lottery system.

Hopefully, some pictures of the tour will appear online for people to see you couldn’t go to the event!


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