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Take a look inside the Digimon 20th Anniversary Memorial brochure

I managed to buy a copy of the Digimon 20th Anniversary Memorial brochure which was available at this years DigiFes but can also be bought via Toei-Anime online store.

Let’s get into it!

The cover of the book is really nice but it is a little bit damaged sadly. You have the DigiFes2019 Logo in the centre of the book in gold along with the 20th-anniversary logo for Digimon Adventure in the bottom right-hand side.

The first two pages we see the DigiFes logo along with the 20th-anniversary logo for Digimon Adventure with a Digivice at the bottom of the page. If anyone wants to translate the book just let us know!

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Digimon Adventure Crowdfunding over 65% (Now Reached)

As we all know that Digimon  Crowdfunding has started today and it is already doing well.

Within the first couple of hours, it has reached over 65% which is amazing to see all the support that this franchise gets from the fans who love it in Japan.

A lot of the prizes have been claimed already but there is still a lot to be claimed for. If you are interested in helping funding the new shorts go to the crowdfunding page.

So what we know about the new shorts

There will be five shorts which will be around 5 minutes in duration and will feature some of the chosen children that might not get as much limelight in the new movie.

The names of the shorts as follows:

1- To Sora

2- Hole in the Heart

3- Medical Student Jou Kido

4- Longing for Jogress Evolution

5- *Secret Title*

The first short will be available to watch online but the rest you will have to watch at the pop up shop or help crowdfund the project to get a copy of the blu-ray.

There hasn’t been any information about how these shorts will become available to the people who do not live in Japan.

If you want to see what is up for grabs when you help crowdfund the project check the official page out.  Please remember it is only open to the people who live in Japan.

I will keep this post updated for when we have reached the goal.

Edit: The goal has now been reached!

As of the time of writing it is now at 102% and they are still allowing you crowdfund.

Hopefully, this means that we will get some sort of announcement soon to see what happens next.

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20 years since Digimon Adventure first premiered in English on Fox Kids!

It’s been 20 years since the first episode of Digimon Adventure And so it begins! first premiered in English on Fox Kids! What is your favorite memories from Digimon?

Mine has to be Episode 21 where Tai finds out it is the same day he left for DigiWorld! I still feel it is the strongest episode from the Digimon Franchise to this day!


Let us know what your favorite memory is of Digimon by sending us a tweet or leaving a comment below:

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Happy Odaiba Memorial Day 2019!

Happy Odaiba Memorial Day 2019! It is 20 years to the day that Tai and the rest of the chosen children crossed over into the digital world back in August 1999!

It is a good day to sit down and relax and watch back to back episodes of Digimon! Don’t forget to watch Digimon Episode 21 to mark the day!


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