Digimon The Movie 19th Anniversary

Today is Digimon The Movie 19th Anniversary! The movie was released back in October 6th 2000.

The movie itself is made up of 3 different movies which are Digimon Adventure Moive, Our War Game and Hurricane Touchdown!

The move featured songs from Smash Mouth, LEN, Barenaked Ladies, Fatball Slim, Paul Gardon who did a lot of the Digimon English dub music just to name featured artist. You can still find the CD for a decent price as well as you can purchase a digital copy from iTunes and other similar places. The CD does contain hidden tracks that were not released digitally. They are the following:

 Digimon Main Theme (Extended) (Hidden Track) – Digimon: The Movie ST
  14. Change Into Power (Hidden Track) – Digimon: The Movie ST
  15. Kick It Up (Hidden Track) – Digimon: The Movie ST
  16. Going Digital (Hidden Track) – Digimon: The Movie ST
  17. Strange (Hidden Track) – Digimon: The Movie ST
The movie budget was $5 million according to sources and the movie made at the box office was $16,643,191. Overall the movie was a success financially.
The movie does get opinions about it but overall I enjoyed it even though I personally felt that  Hurricane Touchdown should have not been edited as it did cut a lot of the movie out.
What was your favourite part of the movie? I have to say mine was Our War Game. I felt the animation was breatuily along with the style of it.  I honestly hope that we will get a Blu-ray release of the movie in the future.
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