Digimon Adventure Stationary Stands from Premium Bandai!

These look so cute.

Looks like we have some stationary holders coming soon to Premium Bandai which look amazing!

They are nice to put your keys or something similar in them.

There are two types to chose from which are Agumon and Gomamon

Agumon is sitting down while eating some sort of rice cake next to a tree log.


Next we have Gomamon with a bowl on his head with a cup and sandwich next to him

The price each for them is 6,930 yen and pre-orders open 15:00 on November 25, 2019 and close  Scheduled to be shipped in May 2020. Remember pre-orders may close early if the number of preparations is reached. You can pre-order them from here.

If you are interested in wanting one or both of them you will need to find a shipping proxy that is willing to buy it for you. I have personally used FromJapan as well as Buyee in the past and there are more out there!

Hopefully more Digimon products will be announced soon.

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