Digimon Adventure Carddass Selection Box

A nice little surprise!

It has been announced by Premium Bandai on Twitter that we are getting a new card base set which has been more or less remastered for Digimon Adventure. The set is due to be released in March 2020.


The set contain 72 cards in total  36 normal cards and 36 types of holo cards. There will be 52 types of cards that will be a recreation from the anime itself.

It will also feature the cards that Taichi had to pick in the right order to return home in episode 28!

The set will also come with a binder along with a special book along with a collectors box. It uses the characters poses from the ED of Digimon Adventure Keep On.

It is due to ship in March 2020 and pre-orders will close at 23:00 on January 6, 2020. Click here for the product page!

The price for the card set is 8,800 yen (tax included) and you will have to use a shopping proxy to order the set if you live outside of Japan!

If you are interested in wanting the card set I have personally used FromJapan as well as Buyee in the past and I had no problems with them but there are more out there!

Honestly this set is  great to own if you are a Digimon Adventure fan or are looking to start collecting Digimon stuff.

If you want this set but can’t afford to pay for it right now, nippon-yasan offers a pay later scheme more info can be found here.

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