Digimon Adventure PSI TV Show airing in April

We knew this was coming…

We knew that there was a new TV show that was going to be airing this April in Japan!

At the moment it is not very clear whether or not the name of the new TV show is correct but as for now I think most people are staying with it until we get it confirmed.

The new series is going to be based in 2020 in a AU which is going to be a reboot of the original characters but it sounds like this will not be a 1:1 story from the original show.

Some of the characters seem to be wearing similar clothing to the 01 OG series but have been changed up a bit to make it fit with the 2020 year. Tai is wearing his famous blue t-shirt with shorts outfit but with a modem twist to it which looks nice. Joe looks outfit looks similar to what he was wearing in the original series. TK is wearing a similar hate that he used to wear in 01.

We get a better view of Tai’s outfit and what Agumon is going to look like in the series.

We can also seen what the card game is going to look like but at the moment there has been no actual translation of the V-Jump page but hopefully that will come very soon. As far as we know it is going to be an actual card game to go a long with the series it has been said.

I don’t know where these images have come from but it has not yet been confirmed that these images are legit but we should find out in the next few days when the latest V-Jump issue is out.

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