animate in store promo

Not a bad deal

It appears if you spend over 3000 yen or more of Digimon-related goods at the target Animate store you will receive a mini colored paper-style card!

This seems a great option if you can buy the new Last Evolution CDs with this offer as you do get a nice mini styled which looks like what you used to get from going to see a tri. movie.

The card features all of the chosen children along with their partner Digimon which is a good way to say goodbye to the OG kids seeing how we are getting a reboot airing in April.

As far as I know, you will need to use a shopping proxy of some sort to purchase from animate-online shop as it seems to be an in-store only promo and I don’t really know how this offer really works so it would be something you would have to take a look at.

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