Animate Digimon Kitchen Car is Back

This always seems popular

It seems that the kitchen car is back for the Last Evolution! The kitchen car is using the same art as the Digimon Adventure 20th event at Yokohama Landmark Tower. It is a little bit odd seeing how they are not using any new art as it is for Last Evolution.

There will be food and products up for grabs as always.

It seems to all be 600 yen and I have to say it looks all nice. If you can go I recommend going. More info can be found here.

The products look great! At the top, you have Acrylic stands which will cost 850 yen to buy and feature all of the kids and their partner Digimon which are always popular among collectors.

Next, you have a pouch which has Digiegss on and the lower form Digimon. It will cost 1,200 yen to purchase.

A set of A4 clear files for 800 yen the one of the left features the Ultimate level Digimon on one side and Omegamon on the other side. The clear file features the Adult level Digimon on one side along with with the chosen children and the logo for the Last evolution and Kitchen car logos on the other side.

The final product up for grabs is some badges. In total there are 49 to collect and the prices are 400 yen each to buy!

More information about this event can be found here.



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