Part 2 Pop-Up Shop and goods up for grabs!

We knew this was coming…

It was announced not too long ago that there was going to be another pop-up shop that will showcase the next memorial short and today we get some more info! It is being called Part 2.

Overall I feel the art is pretty nice as it features all of the chosen children as adults along with their Digimon partners.

More information can be found here about the locations.

The products that are going to be up for grabs for this pop-up shop:

We have some new otedama up for grabs featuring in their Kizuna style along with the 02 Digimon partners! They will cost 650 yen excluding tax.

Up next we have some more badges which are a fan favourite! As normal they will be blind packaged and they feature all 12 chosen children along with their partner Digimon. They will cost 400 yen each excluding tax.

Next, we have some Acrylic key chains featuring the chosen children and their Digimon partner using the key art! These will cost you 900 yen each excluding tax and they will not be blind packaged either.

We have another clear file featuring the pop-store key art which once again I have to say looks really nice. This will cost you 400 yen excluding tax.

Up next we have some more Travel stickers costing  700 each excluding tax.

Next, we have some Water absorbing coasters which will cost you 1000 yen to buy excluding tax. They feature Patamon and Tailmon.

Next up we have some more Memorial magnet which we saw last time in the other pop-up shop. They will be blind packaged and they feature screen grabs from 01 to Tamers. They will cost 700 yen each to buy excluding tax.

We have some Drip-proof pouch next featuring the crest of courage and the crest of hope! They will cost 3,200 each excluding tax.

Up next we have a cool bag which is in style of an old skool lunch bag which looks pretty neat. It will cost 2,500 excluding tax to buy!

Next, we have a Patamon backpack! There isn’t a size for it online but overall it looks nice. It will cost 5,500 yen to buy excluding tax.

Next, we have the Train-type porch which is one of my favourite items on the list. The theme is of the Adventure tram cart and will cost 2,200 excluding tax to buy!

Next, we have another clear bottle! It features the crests of the chosen children and will cost ¥ 1,500 excluding tax to buy!

Next, we have another set of Acrylic de tower costing 2,300 excluding tax to buy! The last set included Tai and Agumon etc.

Lastly, we have some stuffed plushies which we have seen before elsewhere. They will cost 1,800 each excluding tax.

Also, they will be showing the next memorial short at the pop-up shop. More info can be found here.

The pop-up shops officially open tomorrow!

If you are interested in any of these items you will have to find either someone who is willing to get you what you want or some sort of shopping proxy which will charge you a fee. I would recommend FromJapan as I have used them several times in the past.

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