Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna is coming to Blu-Ray & DVD

Some positive news!

It has been announced that Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna is coming to Blu-Ray & DVD on July 7th in the US. There is no word from MangaUK for the UK release just yet.

It has been confirmed that Joshua Seth will be returning to the role of  Tai Kamiya in the movie. None of the other cast members has yet been announced.

Cast List:

Tai Kamiya:

Joshua Seth


Laura Summer

Tentomon, Kabuterimon, and Young Genai:

Jeff Nimoy


There will be a DVD standalone set as well as a Blu-Ray and DVD combo set but there has been no word about a digital copy yet.

The disc itself will feature the English dub along with the Japanese dub with English subtitles just like tri.

There will be bonus features but they haven’t been announced just yet.

It will be distributed by ShoutFactory! like how tri. was.

There is no price or pre-order link just yet but hopefully, that will come soon!

You can now pre-order it from Shoutfactory! today!

Blu-Ray & DVD


The Blu-ray will cost $26.99 and will also come with a 8″ X 24″ ROLLED LITHOGRAPH of the artwork while stocks last.

The DVD will cost $13.97 to buy.


Blu-ray and DVD


Amazon is currently hasn’t got a price not either of them. I will keep this post updated once more information gets released.

I will keep this post updated with more info.

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  1. Added the ShoutFactory! inks to the pre-order page. Hopefully, ManagUK will announce something soon for the people in the UK.

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