Last EVOLUTION Kizuna Home Media Delayed.

Home released delayed.

It appears that ShoutFactory! has delayed the upcoming home Media release of Kizuna.

The blu-ray and DVD were due to be released in July but is no longer being released. This is most likely due to the fact of covid-19 and that manufacturing is limited because of it.

There hasn’t yet been a new release date announced by Shout! just yet but hopefully it isn’t a big delay

The page has been taken down from Shout but you can still pre-order the movie from Amazon but has no longer a release date.

I will keep this post updated once news gets announced.

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One thought on “Last EVOLUTION Kizuna Home Media Delayed.

  1. Amazon is now allowing people from the UK to order the Blu-Ray and DVD. There hasn’t been any news regarding if MangaUK will be doing a release yet.

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