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The site has now been upgraded to the latest version of WordPress and I have updated the version of PHP which is recommend to run WordPress. As far as I know, there shouldn’t be any big problems with these changes that I know of. If anyone does spot anything just let me know by either leaving a comment or by sending me a quick email to let me know. You can send us an email using the contact us page as the form is back up and running again.

I am planning on doing some more breakdowns of things in the coming weeks to such as the other UK tri. blu-rays, the UK comics and I will also be doing some more archiving of different Digimon merch such as the Digimon Style Guide!

That’s all for now


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One thought on “Site updated!

  1. The current version of PHP has caused a few issues so I have rolled it back to a previous version until I can find out what the issue is.

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