Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna OST July 29th

It appears that an OST for LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna is coming!

A CD featuring the OST for Last Evolution Kizuna has just been announced today on Twitter!

The cover features Tai and Agumon and Matt and Gabumon which looks pretty cool.

The release date will be July 29th and will be on sale for ¥3,000+tax

We do have a tracklist which will feature on the CD.


  1. Bolero -Kizuna Ver.-
  2. Twilight
  3. Work No.2 “Spring” in A major-our war game!-Kizuna Ver.-
  4. From Spain with Love
  5. Menoa Bellucci
  6. Wirepuller
  7. Attack! And…-Kizuna Ver.-
  10. Panic Confusion
  11. Farewell
  12. Limited time
  13. Target-Red Impact-Kizuna Ver. Ramen-
  14. Target-Red Impact–Kizuna Ver. SPY1-
  15. Target-Red Impact-Kizuna Ver. SPY2-
  16. A battle of the mind
  17. Confrontation
  18. Partner
  19. Neverland
  20. We will always be together!
  21. Aurora
  22. Great Attack
  23. Victory-Theme of Goodness-Kizuna Ver.-
  24. brave heart -Kizuna Ver.-
  25. MENOA
  26. Beyond -MOVIE Size- Song: Ayumu Miyazaki
  27. Salvation
  28. Walk on the Edge-Yamato Ishida’s Theme-Kizuna Ver.-


You can now pre-order it from Amazon JP by clicking here.

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