Digimon Adventure: Blu-ray and DVD is coming!

It was announced the other day!

The first batch of episodes will be getting a DVD and Blu-ray release in Japan on December 2nd!

At the moment we don’t know how many episodes will be included for the set but it will come with 2 discs.  It is listed on amiami for 14,200JPY for the blu-ray and for the DVD it is currently listed at 10,400JPY. Amazon does have pre-orders up but as of now, Amazon is only shipping limited items outside of Japan.

According to amiami the bonus stuff that comes with the sets are the following:

3-sided BOX featuring a new illustration
-Picture Label
-Special booklet
[Bonus Footage]
-PV collection

This may change as nothing has been confirmed just yet.

If you want to pre-order the set the links are below:



Hopefully, more information about the set will be announced at the upcoming DigiFes event next month.

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