Pre-order Digimon: 3D Foam Bag Clips: Series 2 UK Pre-Order

We found out about this not too long ago.

It appears that forbidden planet has listed these and will be released from  1 November 2020. They will be blinded packaged and will be sold at £4.99 each but they are not selling complete boxes of the sets. You can currently pre-order these today from clicking here. The set includes Tai and Koromon, Sora and Yokomom, Matt and Tsunomon, Izzy and Motimon and Devimon, Etomon and Leomon! You get one per pack and they sorted by random!

Product info:

Your favourite characters are here for you to collect! Keep an eye out for the special rare chase figures! Each figure measures about 2-inches tall.

The Digimon Series 2 Figural Bag Clip are individually blind bagged bag clips.

Assorted – one selected at random.

I will try and buy a box to archive for the future!

This has to be like the only Digimon thing we have actually had released in the UK in years since the Funko POPs!

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