Digimon Adventure: Blu-ray and DVD Box 1 design raveled!

This was announced this morning!

The blu-ray packaging has been shown off over on the offical twitter for the Digimon TV show. It is the same for the DVD release as welll!

The front cover of the case has Tai and Agumon on with Metalgreymon behing them and on the reverse it has Izzy and Tentomon along with  in the background AtlurKabuterimon. The spine of the cover features a new style of title and the logo.

The main  disc case features Tai on the front and Izzy on the reverse along with their respersented colours. Orange for Tai and Purple for Izzy etc which looks really nice.

The Disc art features Agumon with Metalgreymon at the back and the other disc features Tentomon and AtlurKabuterimon featuring the 01 logo and once the again the colours that repersent them.

Finally we get to see a preview of the special booklet. It features more or less things that we have already seen before like the poses etc. It is still nice to have.

You can pre-order the set from amiami.com today! For the blu-ray click here or for the DVD click here.

You can also pre-order box 2 which was announced the other week. For the blu-ray or for the DVD.

I am planning on doing an unboxing/breakdown if I do end up buying it but that will most likely be posted in the new year!

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