New products announced!

We have some more Digimon Adventure: products announced today!

Up first we have some keychains with some of the art of the kids and their Digimon partners which we have seen before for other products but still it is a nice art.

Next, we have some more keyrings which feature the kids and their partner Digimon. I don’t think we have seen this art before.

Up next we have some Ring for smartphones which as far as I know it can also be used as a stand and also we have some magnets featuring the Digimon themselves. 

Finally, we have two clear files up for grabs! First, we have MetalGreymon on the front and then we have Tai and Agumon from ED 2. The second one features Garurumon and Matt on the front and then Matt on the back. These scenes are from ED 1.

As of now, there are no prices or anywhere to pre-order them from. All we know is that they are coming out in February 2021. More info can be found here and here.

I will keep this post updated when they become available to purchase!

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