New Digimon Adventure: merch (GraffArt Shop)

This was announced the other day

We have some Easter theme items that have been announced at the beginning of this week. At the top, the art features Tai, Matt, TK and Kari with the other kids holding a Digiegg which isn’t included in the main art along with their partners wearing bunny ears.


The items feature the new art on the badges, keychains,  acrylic stands and phone stand, a lunch box, a mug, chopstick case and a Smartphone ring holders.

The prices:

The badges will be blind but will cost 528 yen each to buy or a box will cost 4,224 yen to buy.

The keychains will cost 858 yen to buy which are not blind each or 6,864 yen for a complete set.

Acrylic stands will also be sold separately which will cost 1,760 yen each to buy.

The Acrylic artboard will cost 2,750 yen to buy.

The phone stand will cost 3,300 yen to buy.

The lunch box price is 1,320 yen to buy.

The mug featuring the eggs and crests will cost 1,650 to buy.

The chopstick case featuring the Digieggs will cost 1,320.

Finally, the smartphone ring holders will cost 1,518 to buy which are not blind packed.

There is really nice stuff on offer for this latest store. I personally think that the artwork is really nice and I will most likely pick up an item or two along the way.

If you want to order from this store you will need a shopping proxy to do so. As of now, amiami hasn’t got anything listed on their site but hopefully, they will stock these items soon.

More information about the store can be found here.

The products will appear online from April 3rd.

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