Pre-Orders for the final volume of Digimon Adventure 2020 are now live!

You can now pre-order the final volume of Digimon Adventure 2020!

Up first we have the design of the box. One side has Tai and Agumon and the other side has Matt and Gabumon on.

This is new artwork that we haven’t seen before and honestly, it looks amazing with the new poses and omegamon alter s at the back of both sides.


As normal depending on where you order from you will get certain bonuses.

Up first if you order from Rakuten Books you will get two Bromide Sheet Sets. One with Tai and Agumon is from the final scene in the last episode and the other one is off omegamon alter s.


If you order from Animate you will receive the Acrylic Stand of the 2nd poster that was used for the show as seen above.





Rakuten Books



Overall the set is really nice and I can honestly, see them doing a complete set down the line like they did with tri. Hopefully, we will get an English dub for 2020 down the line as well.

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