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Site back online!

I have finally, moved the site to an SSD server so hopefully, the speeds will feel possible better but I am not really sure but anyway, I will try to get back into archiving again for the site. We do have plans to revamp the site in trying to make it feel more like an…

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February 2021 News!

Just a quick update! I'm sorry, there hasn't been much happening around here lately. As some of you know I am studying for a master's degree so most of my free time is taken up by that. I am hoping that now things have calmed down a bit I should have some free time to do…

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October 2020 site update

Just some quick updates. The Domain and the SSL have now been renewed for another year today and hopefully everything should be working fine as it shouldn't have broken anything. In the coming weeks and months I  will be archiving more Digimon merchandise for the site and I will be keeping a look out for more rare…

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Site updated!

  The site has now been upgraded to the latest version of Wordpress and I have updated the version of PHP which is recommend to run Wordpress. As far as I know, there shouldn't be any big problems with these changes that I know of. If anyone does spot anything just let me know by either…

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Happy New Year!

I just wanted to say a Happy New year from TheDigiArchive We have a lot to looking forward to in 2020 such as Digimon Survive as well as  Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna movie which isn't too far away now. I am hoping this year that I will do actual archiving of things and I am…

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