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Site Update

So being it is a new year and everything I thought it might be worth trying to create a post about the changes that will be happening to the site over the next 11 or so months.

The major problem that is in the process of being fixed is the amount of spam the site has been getting for since last summer. I have added  reCAPTCHA to the contact form page so that should now be working again so you can send us emails again. I will add it to the comments, login page and other places once I know it is actually doing it’s job so comments will be open for most posts again.

On to breakdowns!

So I haven’t kept up with breakdowns or anything so I will start get back into them when I get the chance to. I have been working on scanning the front cover of the Digimon Official UK magazine which can be found here. More covers will come this week hopefully! PT.1 of the Digimon Tri. UK blu-ray can also be found here and I recently added a (Quick) breakdown of the UK release of Digimon Season 1 DVDs which can also be found here. I am also adding the Digimon Style Guide as well in the upcoming month or so here. I may even add the .eps files so it lets other people export to their own file sizes.

So I guess that’s all for now. I will get back into adding news for frequent when it happens but being a final year student doesn’t allow me to have much free time!

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Digimon Series Acryl de Card Vol.3 Box (For Sale)

I am buying a box of these and I am selling them singly for people who are looking for certain ones for their collection. The ones with the red cross have been claimed. They’re £8 each plus shipping but buying 2 I will do for £14.50 plus shipping.

Leave a comment down below or just send me an email by clicking here. Remember to day what one you’re wanting and which country to you live in. Money will not be collected until I have received the cards.

I am considering buy the other boxes in due time so I will also put them up for sale like this as well.

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