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The European publishing company, Panini, approached Digimon in different ways in different countries. While Germany created their own adaptations of episodes, the United Kingdom reprinted the Dark Horse titles, then translated some of the German adaptations of Adventure 02episodes. Eventually, the UK comics were given their own original stories, which appeared in both the UK’s official Digimon Magazine and the official UK Fox Kids companion magazine, Wickid. These original stories only roughly followed the continuity of Adventure 02. When the comic switched to the Tamers series the storylines adhered to continuity more strictly; sometimes it would expand on subject matter not covered by the original Japanese anime (such as Mitsuo Yamaki’s past) or the English adaptations of the television shows and movies (such as Ryo’s story or the movies that remained undubbed until 2005). In a money saving venture, the original stories were later removed from Digimon Magazine, which returned to printing translated German adaptations of Tamers episodes. Eventually, both magazines were cancelled.

If you want to see the full size image click the image and remove 724×1024 in the URL

More scans are coming very shortly from the UK magazine. If you would like to see pages from the actual magazines just let us know and we shall see what we can do!

31 thoughts on “Digimon Official Magazine UK

  1. Hello! I like what you are doing very much, this website is the first result I came across as I was wondering if you had any of the Digimon Tamers magazine issues? I’m desperately looking for scans from any of the issues, I wondered if you could help me? Thanks for your time 🙂

  2. I have done some editing of issue 2 and I will try and get it released this week.

    Let me know what you think.

  3. I have released issue 2 draft 1. Some of the pages do need to be scanned again hopefully this week as they did turn out to be blurry. You can find the link on the cover. I am not really sure if I will be able to host all of them due to the size of the files. If anyone wants to donate so I can get a Google Drive account to store them that would be great. I will do more if there is enough interest in them.

    1. You could make an archive.org account and upload straight to there? Might even get some traffic to the site if you link it in etc

      1. I was looking into that and I just need to work out how to use it seeing how big they are turning out to be as well.

  4. Hey! This is gonna sound random but any chance on seeing an issue 19 upload? The one with Mimi and Yolei? No idea why this specific comic has always stuck in my head. Seeing the cover just made me so nostalgic! And potentially issue 14 too? Thanks a bunch for posting these regardless. These comics just popped into my mind and I had no idea I would actually find them from my Google search!

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