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The European publishing company, Panini, approached Digimon in different ways in different countries. While Germany created their own adaptations of episodes, the United Kingdom reprinted the Dark Horse titles, then translated some of the German adaptations of Adventure 02episodes. Eventually the UK comics were given their own original stories, which appeared in both the UK’s official Digimon Magazine and the official UK Fox Kids companion magazine, Wickid. These original stories only roughly followed the continuity of Adventure 02. When the comic switched to the Tamers series the storylines adhered to continuity more strictly; sometimes it would expand on subject matter not covered by the original Japanese anime (such as Mitsuo Yamaki’s past) or the English adaptations of the television shows and movies (such as Ryo’s story or the movies that remained undubbed until 2005). In a money saving venture, the original stories were later removed from Digimon Magazine, which returned to printing translated German adaptations of Tamers episodes. Eventually, both magazines were cancelled.

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More scans are coming very shortly of the UK magazine. If you would like to see pages from the actual magazines just let us know and we shall see what we can do!

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  1. Tai Tai says:

    More to come in the next few weeks!

  2. Avatar Marti jacques says:

    Would love some full pdf scans of this magazine if thats ever possible

  3. Avatar martin jacques says:

    Hey any updates?

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