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Agumon Door Jammer


Side 1:


Side 2:

Sound file:

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Agumon Digivolve to Greymon!


These were released in most countries as far as I know. These door jammers do pop up quite a lot on eBay and other market place sites. There were four to collect which were Agumon, Gabumon, Biyomon and Gomamon.  I assume these were manufactured in 1999 as they do have a copyright of 1999 on the bottom. I am not sure if these were sold before Kari joining the show like a lot of other stuff I am not sure. Agumon is about 15cm or so tall.  They were produced by PlayFully Yours company which seems to be based in France.

The door jammer was added to my collection last year and it was bought from eBay UK for about £20 unboxed.

There are not super rare to find and can still be found new in the box from time to time.

Any questions just leave a comment down below and we will try our best to help.