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Digimon Group Clock





The overall condition is that it is in good condition for its age. I am not sure if the button on top should be like that or if it has turned more of a yellow colour due to the age of the clock. The clock itself still works and the front image features the group of kids with their in-training Digimon from episode 1 of Digimon Adventure. Some of the numbers have been replaced by Digimon and the Digivice itself which is a nice effect. The picture has looked like it has faded a little bit over the years due to sun damaged I expect. It doesn’t make any sort of Digimon sounds but just a loud alarm sound.

The main colours of the clock are blue and silver with green stripes on the clock handles which are suppose to glow in the dark.

The clock itself was most likely made at the start of the original airing seeing how it focuses on that first episode. The clock was made by Wesco and was produced in China. I am not sure where these were sold but I did buy mine from eBay UK a couple of years ago so I had it in my collection since 2018 ish.

It is a nice size overall as it fits pretty nicely on my side unit. The clock takes a C or D battery.

I haven’t seen one pop up since so they may be on the rare side of things.

If you got any questions just ask them down below and I will do my best to answer them!

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