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Digimon Adventure Magnets


Tai, Koromon and Agumon

Sora, Yokomom, Biyomon:

Matt,  Tsunomon and Gabumon:

Izzy, Motimon and Tentomon:

Mimi, Tanemon and Palmon:

TK and Takamon and Patamon:

Joe, Bukamon and Gomamon:

Back of box:


These were released in the UK as far as I know. This is the only set of magnets that I have currently come across. I assume these were made before Kari was apart of the cast as she is missing on the back of the box. They were produced by Fun4All company I don’t have information on them.

The magnets were added to my collection a few years ago like 2016/17 and they were bought from eBay UK for about £20 for the set. They do seem to be rare to find as I haven’t found a set since and I would love to replace the Tai one.

Any questions just leave a comment down below and we will try our best to help.

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