Digimon Tableware Gift Set

The Box:


Left Side:

Right Side:


The box features the overall products that are included in the set. The right side of the box features the same image as the front and back while the left side features some kind of store code. Most likely Argos?

Overall the box is really nice and clean and is in good condition for its age.


Right Side:

The right side of the cup features Joe and Gomamon along with Izzy and Tentomon.

The Center:

The Center of the cup features Tai and Agumon to the left of them are Mimi and Palmon and to the right are Sora and Biyomon.

Left Side:

The left side features Matt and Gabumon along with TK and Patamon and you can see Mimi and Palmon at the same time!


The bowl features the Digidesned and their rookie Digimon. You have Patamon, Agumon and Gabumon on the handle while Tentomon, Biymon and Gomamon are inside the bowl. On the outside of the bowl features the kid’s crests which is a nice touch. The Bowl is made out of hard plastic and is dishwasher safe.


This time the design of the plate is a little bit different compared to the bowl. This time we have Tai and Agumon on the handle of the plate while the other kids and their rookie Digimon are on the plate itself. It also features the kid’s crests just like the bowl did. The plate just like the bowl is made out of hard plastic and is dishwasher safe.


The placemat which is in the shape of a Digivice features Tai and Agumon using the standard poses that got used a lot within the UK for Digimon merchandise. I will add the size measurements when I get time to do it.

The placemat is made out of some kinda form which can easily be straightened out over time. For the age of the set, the colours are very vibrant still.


Overall this is a nice set to own in my Digimon collection. The picture above just shows the set together. I tried to get the box in the picture but I had no room for it.


The set is was made by Spearmark Housewares which is a UK company. The set was made in China and is made out of a strong plastic which is dishwasher safe!

The set was clearly made pre-Kari and has a copyright of 2000 on the box and products. I assume this was another UK exclusive but there were different sets elsewhere as currently, someone is selling a set from Italy on eBay. I assume that this set was originally sold in places like Argos in the UK seeing how it does have some sort of store code on the box.

I am not really sure how rare this set is because I have only come across it brand new before a couple of times and the second time I saw it I bought it. I paid £18.50 for it including postage just a couple of weeks back. September 2020.

If anyone wants to know anything more about the set or if you have additional info please leave a comment down below!

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