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Tokomon and Patamon Longdrink Glass




Released in the UK these longdrink glasses seem to be very rare to come across at times. I have only found Tai and Agumon and Tokomon and Patamon. I am not too sure when these were released or if other Digimon characters have a glass. Maybe they were released during the original airing? There is no manufacture mark either. I would take it that these were made in 1999.

The glass was recently added to the collection last year in 2020 and was bought from a private seller.

There was a Tokomon and Patamon Longdrink Glass listed new in box for £35 not long ago on eBay. I personally don’t think it is worth that seeing how I bought Tai and Agumon glass new in box for £15.

Any questions just leave a comment down below and we will try our best to help.

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