Digimon Our War Game VS. Summer Wars

Digimon Our War Game VS. Summer Wars

Short Synopsis

A deadly Virus Digimon starts causing mayhem on the internet, Tai, Izzy, Matt and TK are the only ones who can stop the virus but can they do it before it is too late?


Initial release4 March 2000

Directed By: Mamoru Hosoda

Music composed by: Takanori Arisawa & Paul Gordon (Eng Dub)

Music Featured in the English Dub:  One Week, The Impression That I Get, The Rockafeller Skank, Let’s Kick It Up


Digimon – Our War Game


Summer Wars

Short Synopsis:



Digimon Our War Game is apart of Digimon Movie which is made up with three different films which are Digimon Adventure. Digimon Our War Game and Hurricane Touchdown. I am only comparing Our War Game as it is directed by Mamoru Hosoda who also directed Summer Wars as well as in Japan Our War Game was released alone.