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Giant Agumon

Item in action:


This is one of the rarest Agumon plushies made by Play by Play and it does come up for sale from time to time. Agumon is about 75cm in size. He was originally made in the 90s during the original airing of Digimon Adventure. It isn’t clear if he was up for purchases or if he was only able to be won at funfairs etc within Europe. I don’t think this design was available outside of Europe seeing most people who I know that have one imported it.

Overall the condition is good for his age and the photos don’t do him any justice.

Looking to buy one? Check eBay UK and DE where they usually show up on. Last seen December 2019 on eBay UK. He was £25 to buy.

Any questions just leave a comment down below.

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  • Tai
    Post Author
    Posted 21st May 2020 at 7:19 pm

    Please be aware some of these images are really old and hopefully will be replaced once I get the chance to take some more photos.

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