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Taichi and Agumon new Figure in Colour!

The latest GEM of Taichi and Agumon figure which got shown off at DigiFes 2019 has now got colour!

It is the classic art from the original series which gets used a lot and now has a figure which looks pretty sweet.

It was shown off at Megahouse in Seoul, South Korea this weekend and to the links to the original photos are here.

There is no release date or price just yet so at the moment it is anyones guess when we will get a release date for it and a price.

Honestly to me, this looks better than the other Taichi and Agumon figure that got released a few years ago!

Hopefully, more figures will get announced soon.

Take a look inside the Digimon 20th Anniversary Memorial brochure

I managed to buy a copy of the Digimon 20th Anniversary Memorial brochure which was available at this years DigiFes but can also be bought via Toei-Anime online store.

Let’s get into it!

The cover of the book is really nice but it is a little bit damaged sadly. You have the DigiFes2019 Logo in the centre of the book in gold along with the 20th-anniversary logo for Digimon Adventure in the bottom right-hand side.

The first two pages we see the DigiFes logo along with the 20th-anniversary logo for Digimon Adventure with a Digivice at the bottom of the page. If anyone wants to translate the book just let us know!

Taichi & Agumon GEM shown off at DigiFes!

It appears that there will be another Taichi & Agumon GEM that will be coming soon shown off at DigiFes!. It was shown off unpainted with no price or release date on when we will expect it to get a release. It uses one of the classic 01 Taichi style pose which looks really nice and hopefully more images will be shown off soon!

02 Characters revealed.

The 02 designs were shown off early before the DigiFes even has started. We get to somewhat their designs are going to look like but we do not know what role they will play in the movie if it’s just a small role or not.


The voice actors for the following characters are Fukujuurou Katayama, Arthur Lounsbery, Ayaka Asai & Yoshitaka Yamaya

Hopefully, this weekend will be a busy weekend for Digimon news!

Thanks goes to @pkjd8I8 for the images.


DigiFes 2019 Products!

So DigiFes is this weekend coming and here is a list of products that up for grabs!

So up first we have the Digifest 2019 20th Anniversary Memorial Brochure.

The Digifest 2019 20th Anniversary Memorial Brochure will cost 2000 yen. It will contain 32 pages and is A4 size. The book will contain messages from each Digimon season from the staff.

Up next we have Canvas colour bottom tote with keychain