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Animate Digimon Kitchen Car is Back

This always seems popular

It seems that the kitchen car is back for the Last Evolution! The kitchen car is using the same art as the Digimon Adventure 20th event at Yokohama Landmark Tower. It is a little bit odd seeing how they are not using any new art as it is for Last Evolution.

There will be food and products up for grabs as always.

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DIGIMON ADVENTURE: Last Evolution Kizuna Christmas poster with the English Logo

Nice little surprise!

It was nice to see that Toei-Anime has released the Jump Festa postcard with the English logo on it.

The quality isn’t amazing seeing how it looks compressed in places but it was a nice thought.

The poster was posted on their social media accounts.

Last Evolution is out in Japan on 21st February 2020 and is being released in the US in Spring 2020.

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Digimon Adventure Carddass Selection Box

A nice little surprise!

It has been announced by Premium Bandai on Twitter that we are getting a new card base set which has been more or less remastered for Digimon Adventure. The set is due to be released in March 2020.

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New Trailer for Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna

We now have an English sub trailer!

So a trailer has dropped today and I have shared the English subs version of it.

We more or less now know what the plot is going to be about etc. I have also taken some screens from the trailer itself and posted them below:

We can confirm that  the song Butterfly by Koji Wandaa will be returning to this movie which is nice and wouldn’t be the same otherwise.

It has also been confirmed that the insert song will be by again Ayumi Miyazaki and the ending theme will be by AiM. It has been announced that these will be new songs so hopefully we will get some more information about that soon!

If more things drop I will make another post to cover it.

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New poster for Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna

We have a new poster!!!

It was posted over on twitter early this morning and the poster features the 01 cast and 02 cast with their Digimon. Tai is the front holding the goggles and at the back the two new characters watching them.

The poster looks fantastic and happy but who knows what will happen at the end of the new movie.

Toei-Anime has also released some new screenshots along with new trailer which I will make a new post for.

I feel that this is overall going to be an emotional roller coaster for us!

You can find the link here for the Japanese poster and click here for the English poster.

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