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Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna is offically out today in Japan

We have waited for a long time.

We have waited for over two years nearly when this film first got announced back in 2018!

Hopefully, the UK isn’t too far away behind the US in getting some sort of screening or even some sort of home media release!

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New Last Evolution Kizuna commercial Shows new Evolutions

So this was a lovely surprise!

The official Digimon adventure twitter has dropped another commercial/advert showing evolutions!

The images below will contain spoilers!

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Animate Digimon Kitchen Car is Back

This always seems popular

It seems that the kitchen car is back for the Last Evolution! The kitchen car is using the same art as the Digimon Adventure 20th event at Yokohama Landmark Tower. It is a little bit odd seeing how they are not using any new art as it is for Last Evolution.

There will be food and products up for grabs as always.

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Last Evolution CD covers revealed!

Nice little update

The artwork for the upcoming CDs for Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna.

The first cover for butter-fly features Tai and Agumon laying down together on the beach with Tai holding his Digivice in the air with two butterflies next to them which is a nice touch.




. Lyrics / Composition: Watanabe Chitana Arrangement: Chel Watanabe


. Lyrics / Composition: Kohei Koyama Arrangement: Chel Watanabe

3.Butter-Fly (original karaoke)

4.Seven (original karaoke)


Butter-Fly (Piano Vision) Image Movie

Up next is the cover artwork for brave heart~LAST EVOLUTION Version~ featuring Agumon, Gabumon, Tentomon and Patamon. I was expecting to see something similar to tri. cover or a cover featuring all the Digimon but still this is really nice.


1.brave heart -LAST EVOLUTION Version-

. Lyrics: Shoko Omori Composition / Arrangement: Michihiko Ota

2.brave heart

. Lyrics: Shoko Omori Composition / Arrangement: Michihiko Ota

3.brave heart ~ LAST EVOLUTION Version ~ (Original Karaoke)

4.brave heart (Original Karaoke)

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DIGIMON ADVENTURE: Last Evolution Kizuna Christmas poster with the English Logo

Nice little surprise!

It was nice to see that Toei-Anime has released the Jump Festa postcard with the English logo on it.

The quality isn’t amazing seeing how it looks compressed in places but it was a nice thought.

The poster was posted on their social media accounts.

Last Evolution is out in Japan on 21st February 2020 and is being released in the US in Spring 2020.

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