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New Kizuna clips. Dub and Sub!

These dropped last night!

IGN posted this clip to their YouTube featuring the 02 scenes with some of the rturuning cast and the new voice actors!

Anime News Network has also posted another clip which is only subbed:

The Blu-ray and DVD are out on October 6th in the US but you can buy it digitally at the end of this month! There still has been no announcement from MangaUK if they are planning on releasing.

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Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna Toei-Anime unboxing

Toei-anime has posted a video and photo of the home media release onto their Twitter platform.

Up first is the overall image of the bonus stuff that comes with selected stores that you ordered from:

There is a mixture of different goods from badges to clear files and poster to a bag. Overall this is a release that we have gotten for Kizuna and honestly if I had the money I would most likely buy everything but I did manage to buy the Tai and Agumon poster and clear file today.

Up next is the unboxing video:

The video more or less quickly goes through what comes inside the packaging. Most of the stuff we have seen already but it is nice to actually see the booklets that come with the set as it contains art and some storyboards.

As of now the Amazon JP edition is available to pre-order so if you want it I would order it while you still got the chance to. Click here to go to the Amazon listing.

I am not too sure if the other stores in Japan have any availability so I would check around to see who is still taking orders for the release.

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Re-Run of Digimon Adventure products at aniga-ter

So it appears that these items are getting another release!

These are nothing new as we have seen them in the last couple of months or so.

The clear files which feature the artwork from the CDs will cost 2,200 yen (tax 200 yen)

The Digimon Adventure-Odaiba Memorial 2020-Multi Case will cost 700 yen (64 yen tax)

Digimon Adventure “Butter-Fly” CD jacket design memorial ticket key chain is up for 1,400 yen (tax 128 yen)

The Butter-Fly CD jacket design T-shirt (vintage style) is up for sale for 4,600 yen (tax 419 yen)

The products are up for grabs until 7th September.

As normal you will have to use a shopping service such as FromJapan to purchase them.

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New visual for the upcoming Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna US Release

Just been announced now!

Toei-Anime in the US has just tweeted a new poster for the upcoming release of Digimon Adventure Evolution Kizuna

The Poster features Tai and Matt with the new evolution forms which you can say is like a spolier.

They went on to say that to kick it off they have something special planned for the release.

Below is the original tweet.

The movie is out on Digital at the end of September and the physical release is out on 6th October 2020.


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Digimon Adventure products announced at DigiFes!

Some new merchandise!

DigiFes has announced some new merchandise for Digimon Adventure but the designs have been used elsewhere recently.

Up first we have some Digimon -Odaiba Memorial 2020 Canvas Art which features Adventure, tri and Kizuna! They cost 4,840 yen (tax 440 yen) each to buy!

Next, we have some Memorial 2020- Acrylic stand which features the same art as above of Adventure, tri. and Kizuna! They will cost 1,650 yen (tax 150 yen) to buy each!

We have some badges! All three badges come as a set of three and will cost 1,300 yen (tax 119 yen) to buy the set!

Next, we have a mask case! It features the Adventure 01 kids and their Digimon partners! It will cost 700 yen (64 yen tax) to buy.

Up next we have a T-Shirt that features the CD Jacket artwork of Butterfly featuring Tai, Agumon and Greymon! There will be four different sizes which are Small to XL The price will be 4,600 yen (tax 419 yen) to buy.

Next, we have a cotton bag up for grabs. It features all the Digimon partners and will cost 1,700 yen (tax 155 yen) to buy!

Finally, we have a keychain featuring the butterfly CD cover. It will cost 1,400 yen (tax 128 yen) to buy!

You can pre-order these products by clicking here.

You can order these products from August 1, 2020 (Sat) to August 11, 2020 (Tue), noon 12:00. They will ship late September.

As normal if you want any of these products and don’t live within Japan you will need to use a shopping proxy such as FromJapan or Buyee. I have been using FromJapan for years and their service is really good.

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