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Tag: Digimon Adventure Last Evolution

Big Announcement coming?

It appears that according to the Digimon 20th Staff account that there will be a big announcement coming! It is the 1st Anniversary of the movie tomorrow. 【本編後、重大発表あり!】 ラスエボ オーディオコメンタリー配信決定‼️ あっという間に1周年! 日時:3月6日(土)17時~ 田口監督、渡辺けんじさん、関SV、木下Pの4名で生配信します。 コメンタリーはアーカイブなし! 是非ご覧ください。#ラスエボ #デジモン — デジモンパートナーズ【公式】 (@DM_Partners) February 20, 2021 The announcement is going to happen on the 6th March 2021. The people who…

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New Kizuna clips. Dub and Sub!

These dropped last night! IGN posted this clip to their YouTube featuring the 02 scenes with some of the rturuning cast and the new voice actors! Anime News Network has also posted another clip which is only subbed: The Blu-ray and DVD are out on October 6th in the US but you can buy it digitally at the…

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