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Digimon Adventure: Coming to Crunchyroll

It has just been announced that Digimon Adventure: Joins Crunchyroll’s Spring 2020 Anime Lineup!


The Launch Date and  Time will beApril 4 at 7:30pm PT and will be available in the following places:

 North America, Central America, the Carribean, South America, Europe, MENA, CIS, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa

This is such fantastic news and hopefully, we will get a dub one day.

More information can be found here:


I will add a direct URL once the page goes live.

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21st Anniversary of Digimon Adventure

It is the 21st Anniversary of Digimon Adventure which first started airing in Japan on 07 March 1999 on the Fuji Television!

Over the last 20 years, we have gotten a variety of different seasons such as  Tamers, Frontier, Data Squad, just to name some of them!

Recently we the last 5 or so years we have had Digimon Adventure tri., Appmon and the recently released movie Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna.

Starting next month in Japan Digimon Adventure: will be airing which the trailer dropped last night can more info can be found here.

Digimon is right now at the strongest that has been for a long time.

Let’s hope for another 21 years!

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Trailer for Digimon Adventure: has dropped!

The trailer for the upcoming Digimon Adventure: dropped last night!

The show starts to air on April 5th 2020 in Japan. There is currently no news about when it will be airing outside of Japan but the trailer uses the English logo and is also English subbed.

Some screens from the trailer are below. I have to say that overall I think the visuals look stunning and I can’t wait to see the very first episode!

So hopefully that we will get some information about a potential dub or when we will expect to see it arrived here in the west.

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Part 2 Pop-Up Shop and goods up for grabs!

We knew this was coming…

It was announced not too long ago that there was going to be another pop-up shop that will showcase the next memorial short and today we get some more info! It is being called Part 2.

Overall I feel the art is pretty nice as it features all of the chosen children as adults along with their Digimon partners.

More information can be found here about the locations.

The products that are going to be up for grabs for this pop-up shop:

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New Last Evolution Kizuna commercial Shows new Evolutions

So this was a lovely surprise!

The official Digimon adventure twitter has dropped another commercial/advert showing evolutions!

The images below will contain spoilers!

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