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English Starter deck price!

So we now know how much the English starter decks will cost

The starter decks will cost $10 each and they will come with one booster pack with each deck you buy. This isn’t a bad deal seeing how the Japanese starter deck release did not come with a booster pack so that overall I am impressed so far. We don’t really know how much these will cost in the UK to purchase but I would assume between £7 to £10 a deck if they are being sold in the US for $10 each.

There will be a pre-sale before the initial release date but your local store will have to sign up to this. It is still not really known what stores in the UK will be selling them but I have seen one or two that are planning on stocking them.

If more info gets posted regarding the UK release I will let you know.

Digimon card game English release and English trailer!

Amazing surprise!

It has been announced that the localized version of the new Digimon car game will be released next year along with an English app to go along with it. The sets will use the dub terms and will also be released in January 2021. They will also be sold not just in America but in Europe as well which will be nice to know that they are still trying to push Digimon even today.


Hopefully, a dub announcement for the show will come sooner rather than later seeing how they surely wouldn’t release the English card game without any show to go along with it.

Hopefully, more news will come in the coming months regarding the game.

More info can be found here regarding the game https://world.digimoncard.com/