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Tag: Digimon Frontier

A Digimon Christmas Album

A Christmas Album coming this November! This was announced yesterday. We are getting a Christmas Album for the holidays in Japan but it is only going to be sold via a digital service such as Google Play, Amazon, Itunes, etc. It is due to come out on the 25th of November which is just over a couple…

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DigiFes 2019 Products!

So DigiFes is this weekend coming and here is a list of products that up for grabs! So up first we have the Digifest 2019 20th Anniversary Memorial Brochure. The Digifest 2019 20th Anniversary Memorial Brochure will cost 2000 yen. It will contain 32 pages and is A4 size. The book will contain messages from each Digimon season from the staff. Up next we have Canvas colour bottom tote with keychain

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