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Digimon Christmas shop at Aniga-ter

Some nice items here

If you didn’t know there is going to be a Digimon Christmas album and for two weeks only you can buy the artwork on selected products seen above.

A Digimon Christmas Album

A Christmas Album coming this November!

This was announced yesterday. We are getting a Christmas Album for the holidays in Japan but it is only going to be sold via a digital service such as Google Play, Amazon, Itunes, etc.

It is due to come out on the 25th of November which is just over a couple of weeks away and it will cost 1,364 yen to buy digitally!

The art looks fantastic but it is a shame that there is no physical copy of the album.

The album will feature 6 songs. 5 of them are old songs and one new one by Ayumi Miyazaki called Wrap Your Feelings.

The tracklist is:
Utao Bokura no Merry Christmas by Wada Kouji
Tenshi no Inori by AiM
Christmas Night by Wada Kouji
Believe by AiM
Minna no Christmas by Wada Kouji
Wrap Your Feelings by Ayumi Miyazaki

There is also an online shop selling this art on badges etc which I will write about soon.

DigiFes 2019 Products!

So DigiFes is this weekend coming and here is a list of products that up for grabs!

So up first we have the Digifest 2019 20th Anniversary Memorial Brochure.

The Digifest 2019 20th Anniversary Memorial Brochure will cost 2000 yen. It will contain 32 pages and is A4 size. The book will contain messages from each Digimon season from the staff.

Up next we have Canvas colour bottom tote with keychain

Digimon Adventure Acryl de Card Vol.5 Box

So another set of Digimon Adventure Acryl de Card Vol.5 Box will be released in July 2019 and the price that CDJapan has at the moment is 15000yen (16200yen Tax incl. in Japan). You can also buy them from the Toei-Anime online store as well but you need a VPN to access the site as well as using a shopping proxy such as FromJapan to actually buy a box. CDJapan is the only site at the moment that you can buy from without having to use a shopping proxy. Hopefully Amazon JP will have them listed soon which will also be another option.



Toei-Anime Online Store 

Amazon JP


I am planning on buying a box myself and if anyone is interested in splitting a box let me know. I will make another post about that soon.

Packaging of the upcoming Digimon Frontier Blu-Ray

So we now know what the whole set for the upcoming Digimon Frontier Blu-Ray release.

The blu-ray release isnt far away and it is nice to see what the actual discs are going to look like as we haven’t seen them before!

The price for the Amazon.co.jp version is currently listed for ¥ 58,104 and for the normal version it will cost ¥ 43,538.

You can pre-order from Amazon.co.jp today and is due to be released on
April 2, 2019.

I hope to do a breakdown of this at the end of the year if we can but as of know we don’t have it on order just yet.